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First – thanks for stopping by our website and considering us for all of your SEO services and SEM needs in Atlanta! Even though we are an Atlanta based SEO services company, we do serve all of the United States.

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What is SEO?

SEO Cube

What the heck is SEO and SEM you may ask? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. By combining SEO services with SEM it is the process of optimizing your website and/or other properties like your FaceBook page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube videos, and the like, and getting them to the top of the  search results for a given keyword – i.e. “best plumber atlanta”. So when someone searches for your keyword  that pertains to, or is relevant to your business or services, you are in front of more eyes in the searches in what’s known as the “Organic Search Results”.

Google Adwords

Well why not just use Adwords?. Well, you can, but we like to look at it in terms of Real Estate.


It is the difference between “renting” a property and “owning” a property. With Adwords if you aren’t paying for the ads, you won’t show up, hence no new customers or clients. With our SEO services you can get a top ranking that will last for a long time when done properly.

If you so desire, we can combine the power of Adwords with our SEO services to obtain Organic Search Results, which gives you something very powerful in internet marketing for pulling in new customers and clients.

However, some people do argue though that many people are “blinded” by the ads and don’t even look at them and go directly to the Organic Search Results instead.


Our SEO Services Are More Than Just Your Website

Social Media Cubes


Like we stated above, proper SEO services is more than just your website. It is your social media presence on Twitter, FaceBook, Blogger or BlogSpot, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of other properties that all tie together and create your brand that the search engines look at as well.


This is all part of, and what is referred to as the “Semantic Web”. This is a MUST with our local SEO services strategy, and we can build all of the necessary sites for you if you don’t already have them built.

Not many other so called SEO companies talk about this, or even have the know how to tie all of this together. Some other SEO services offer social media marketing as an extra service, but it’s part of the core of our SEO services and strategies and makes Your Brand a force to be reckoned with on the web.


Connecting Your Website With Your Social Media Networks

With our SEO services, we connect your website together with your social properties which creates a fantastic bonus of owning all of these properties on the web. It’s that you can actually rank some of these other social properties in the search results as well, which has two major benefits –

Illustration Of Your Website Connected To Just A Few Of Social Media Properties

Illustration Of Your Website Connected To Just A Few Of The Available Social Media Properties

  1. It makes you look like the authority for your profession or field of expertise by taking up more real estate at the top of the organic search results.
  2. By taking up more real estate at the top you push your competition back farther in the searches. This can also be helpful in Reputation Management if you have received bad reviews by pushing them back also.


In short, SEO services and what it takes to get a website and other properties high in the search results is constantly changing, which makes it hard for someone to do on their own.

In fact, just keeping up with how fast SEO changes is a full time job! We stay on top of the latest changes and updates to make sure you are ranking now and what it will take to rank in the future, which sets us apart from other Atlanta SEO Companies.

What Do We Do And What SEO Services Do We Provide?


So how does our SEO services improve your website rankings and other properties? Well, that’s a little like asking Coca-Cola for their formula. But we can give you a 10,000 foot over view of what we do and the services we provide for local SEO services –


Website Design: If you don’t have a website we can build you a state of the art, beautiful and fully responsive (mobile device ready) website. Making your website “Mobile Friendly” is extremely important for SEO, as Google has stated that your website will not rank as well in the searches if it is not.

Our platform of choice to build your website on is WordPress. Google loves this platform and it is easy for customers to use and understand and also make changes themselves without having any coding skills. There is a reason why there are around 75 million websites built on WordPress!

Website Optimization: This includes several factors, and is where a good SEO services company starts, and is also one of the most important parts of the puzzle. If this isn’t done properly your website will NEVER rank. First we look at and analyze your site to make sure that each page is properly optimized, but not over optimized, for keywords that pertain to your business and services that you want to rank for and, more importantly,  keyword phrases that are getting searches.

Another important part of our strategies is that we analyze site load speed which is also a ranking factor. Load speed can be influenced by caching of your website as well as your website hosting. We also makes sure that your website is Mobile ready and works well and displays properly on phones and tablets, again another ranking factor. We also make sure the meta data is correct as well as Schema and JSON mark up.


website security

Website Security: Websites are hacked everyday, and not just websites where the hackers can get financial information. You may have a website for your roofing company and think “why would anyone want to hack my site?“. 


Hackers like to gain access to sites that have Authority in the Search Engines eyes so that they can add and hide pages on your site for  things like Viagra, Porn, Gambling and a host of other types of things and pages.

These rouge pages can bring down your overall “Domain Authority” and “Topical Trust Flow” causing it to fall lower in the searches as well as tie up your websites bandwidth. While it’s impossible to keep hackers out 100% of the time, we make it very difficult for them and they tend to leave and choose easier targets. We also keep backups of your website in case of any hosting problems or if the site is infiltrated so that we can restore it to it’s original setup.  

Social Media: This is a must to compete in today’s SEO! If you do not want to have social media networks we will NOT consider your application for our SEO services. socialpicBy having all of the social media networks, it helps create Branding, and is very important to the search engines. In our tests, social media is a fantastic way to help achieve this. The basics include a FaceBook page, Twitter, Blogger or BlogSpot, Tumblr and YouTube Video Marketing to name a few. For YouTube we can either make you a generic video if you don’t currently have one to use, or take it all the way and make a Hollywood Style, Highly Customized HD Video, depending on your budget. If you have other social media properties we will try and include them as well in your social media campaigns.

Local SEO: This is where businesses show up in what we call the “Snack Pack” for local businesses. The search engines are constantly changing this algorithm of who will rank here. It is a great place to be listed and helps drive more traffic to your website.



We complete all of the necessary information, keywords and images to help get you listed in the Snack Pack and show you how to get good reviews.

Link Building: This is another area where Google and the other search engines are constantly changing their algorithm, and is an integral part of our SEO services. 

What worked a few years ago, such as keyword stuffing (repeatedly placing your keyword in the text and using the same words over and over for anchor text), can get your website penalized and potentially de-indexed from Google and other search engines now. We are very careful about how we do this and make sure that all the links that we build are of the highest quality from the very best sources that relate to your business.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.41.39 PM

Pay Per Click (PPC): We can run and handle all of your pay per click campaigns as well as optimize them to keep your click costs as low as possible. The actual cost of the ads is NOT included in your monthly fee and will have to be paid directly to Google, Bing or Yahoo.



You May Have Had Bad Experiences Previously With SEO Services

Unfortunately a lot of small businesses and companies have had bad experiences from other so called “SEO companies”. That is why we don’t like being lumped in with other SEO firms. So many of them don’t know what they are doing and can do damage to an already existing website and make it nearly impossible, if not completely impossible, to recover from penalties.  How many Search Engine Optimization companies have contacted you, soliciting you for your business? The reality of it is, if they were actually good at Search Engine Optimization, you would find them and not vice-versa.


Getting Started –


We won’t work with just anyone, which is why you have to complete our application form. Once we decide to take your company on as a client we will contact you to find out more about your business and services to work with you in finding out what keywords are being searched for that pertain to your business and services. We will keep you informed every step of the way as to what we are doing. If you don’t have a website, not to worry, we will build one for you.

website auditIf you do have a site, we start by doing a website audit or analysis which consists of looking for and making sure your pages are properly optimized, looking for broken links, schema markup, analyze your existing backlinks and a slew of other things.

Next we make sure you have a good Social Media presence and build an audience there. Then we start with backlinks while continuing to put good quality content on your website. All of these things work together to get you to the top of the search engines as fast as possible to get your phone or email blowing up with potential new clients and customers!


So if you are ready to take your business to the next level with our SEO services and start dominating the local searches for keywords that people are using to find your businesses services,


Click Here Now To Complete Our Application Form and we will be in touch within 24 – 48 hours (longer if on the weekend or holidays). Thanks, and we look forward to working with you and helping you build your business to all that it can be and DOMINATE The Searches!