About Us

About Us

A Little About Our Background

This company was born out of necessity, and the first part of this story might sound familiar to you. The owners of our company have a Real Estate Investment company based in Atlanta, and they were constantly trying to find better ways to get more leads. They used print such as letters and direct mail, but we knew the power of the internet and knew that internet marketing was the way to go.

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So they set out to higher the best web master in town. Well, thousands of dollars later, they had a website, but it was no where to be found on the internet, or google. So then they had to employ an SEO team to help get the website ranked and found in the search engines, such as Google.


Well there were countless problems with the website developer and hosting, not to mention the problems with an SEO company that wasn’t giving results and was catering to every type of business and didn’t understand ours. They knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when the owners decided to bring it all in house, and while learning to dominate their own local market through digital and internet marketing, they came up with the idea for starting this new company that really does get results and help other companies to maintain a web presence and get more leads and clients. That is when MD Internet Marketing Solutions was born.

Our Mission:

Our goal is simply to help other companies become more profitable and help them grow their businesses through online marketing. We know how to get websites, videos and other social media properties found on Google and the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing by customers and clients.

We are dedicated to making sure that your website and other social properties are easily found for search terms people are using to find your business and services! WE WANT TO SEE RESULTS – Just As Much, If Not More Than You Do!

We get a great deal of satisfaction in hearing from our clients that inform of us of how we have impacted their business for the better – and business is booming!

It all really comes down to this – If for every 1 dollar that you gave us, we gave you back 5 dollars, how many dollars would you give us?!

So contact us today! Start getting more leads and customers into your business and increase your bottom line before your competition does. On our contact page you can fill out our brief application form to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. You can also reach us at (404) 220-7150, more than likely you will have to leave a message. By not having someone on staff dedicated to answer the phones we are able to put your advertising dollars to better use! Once we decide to take you on as a client, you will have easy, direct access to us.

We Look Forward To Working With You,

Helping You Build Your Business To All That It Can Be And

DOMINATING Over Your Competition!