Grow Your Atlanta Business With Our Local SEO And SEM Services

Grow Your Atlanta Business With Our Local SEO And SEM Services

Get More Leads And Calls With Our SEO Consultant Services

Get Your Website And Your Social Media Properties In Front Of More Potential Clients To Drive More Leads And Calls With Atlanta’s Best Local SEO Experts.

We are your digital marketing partner to help you grow your business with SEO for organic listings, maps, SEM and Adwords and any combination of these to drive more business.

Local SEO And SEM Is The Best Way To Grow Your Business With Organic Listings, Maps Listings And Adwords To Get Your Company Found When Someone Searches The Web For Your Services

Exactly What Are Local SEO And SEM Services?

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your website and social properties to show up in the “natural” or “organic” searches and maps listings for terms that potential clients will use to find your company’s services.

What is SEM? SEM or Search Engine Marketing is using Adwords, also know as Pay Per Click. These are the paid listings that you see above the organic and maps listings. It is imperative to have a team that is experienced and well versed when using Adwords so that you receive a good ROI and don’t throw money away.

What is Local SEM & SEO? – Basically, making sure that your company is receiving leads from inside your service area or within a defined radius of your brick and mortar store.

Local SEO and SEM for Atlanta small business

We Can Use Multiple Online Marketing Techniques To Get Your Company More Customers And Clients

No matter what your business is, you need new customers.
We have several methods of attracting new customers to your business when they search the web for terms that pertain to your services.

Organic listings:
We make sure your website is optimized for terms that potential clients are using to search the web to find your company services. We then get your website to the top of the searches for these terms.

Google Maps:
This is the map that shows up on some keyword search terms just below the ads. Right now there are either 3 or 4 map listings, with the first listing in 4 being a paid result (Adwords).

These are the listings at the very top of the search results. These require an Adwords account and how high you rank in these ads depends on the quality of your ad as well as ad spend.

Our SEO ranking strategies involve more than just high search results for your website!

We do more than just rely on leads from the search engines. We ensure you have a strong social media presence across all of the most popular social media sites. Now not only do you have the potential to bring in leads from search engines, but social media as well!

After creating all of your social media accounts, we then connect your website together with your social properties which creates a fantastic bonus of owning all of these properties on the web. It’s that you can actually rank some of these other social properties in the search results as well, which has two major benefits –

  • It makes you look like the authority for your profession or field of expertise by taking up more real estate at the top of the organic search results
  • By taking up more real estate at the top of the searches, you can push your competition back farther down in the search results. This can also be helpful in Reputation Management if you have received bad reviews by pushing them back for Brand searches as well


Having all of these branded web properties is what is referred to as the “Semantic Web”. This is a MUST with our marketing strategies, and we can build all of the necessary sites for you if you don’t already have them built.

Not many other so called SEO companies talk about this, or even have the know how to optimize all of the site relationships. Some other SEO services offer social media marketing as an extra service, but it’s a core part of our marketing strategies and Makes Your Brand a Force To Be Reckoned With On The Web.

Pay per click marketing and management

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why not just use Adwords only “? Well, you can, but we like to look at in terms of Online Real Estate.

It is the difference between “renting” a home and “owning” a home.

With Adwords, it’s like renting. If you aren’t paying for the ads, you will not appear in the searches, hence no new customers or clients.

With SEO, it’s more like owning your home. We can get your site and other properties to the top of the searches so that you are always visible.

For some clients we combine the power of Adwords with our SEO techniques to obtain high rankings in Search Results, which gives you something very powerful in internet marketing for obtaining new customers and clients.

However, some marketing experts argue that many people are “blinded” by the ads and don’t even look at them, and instead go directly to the Maps and Organic listings instead. This is why it is good to Combine SEM and SEO.

What Sets Our Search Engine Optimization Services Apart From Our Competition?

Website optimization is important for getting good rankings in local search

Website Optimization

This includes several factors, and is where a good SEO service company starts, and is also one of the most important ranking factors. If this isn’t done properly your website will NEVER rank.

First we look at and analyze your site to make sure that each page is properly optimized, but not over optimized, for keywords that pertain to your business and services that you want to rank for and, more importantly, keyword phrases that are getting searches.

Another important part of our strategies is that we analyze site load speed which is also a ranking factor. Load speed can be influenced by caching of your website as well as your website hosting.

We also make sure that your website is responsive, or “Mobile Friendly”, and works well and displays properly on phones and tablets, which is another ranking factor. We also make sure the meta data is correct as well as Schema and JSON mark up.

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Social media marketing helps bring in new customers and part of local search engine optimization

Social Media

Social Media is a must to compete in today’s SEO! Your potential customers are using social media and they expect your business to be in the social loop as well!

By having multiple social media accounts, it helps legitimize your business in the eyes of your customers, create and reinforce your Brand, and is very important to the search engines.

Social media is also another great channel for getting in front of new clients. The basics include a FaceBook page, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. We also use the power of Web 2.o properties like Blogger, Tumblr, Medium and more.

YouTube is also another great social site! If you would like a video we can either make you a generic video if you don’t currently have one to use, or take it all the way and make a Hollywood Style, Highly Customized HD Video, depending on your budget.

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Backlinks are still important for search engine optimization

Link Building

Links still drive the web, and are still one of the most important ranking factors. This is an area where Google and the other search engines are constantly changing their algorithm.

We are diligent in staying up to date with the latest algorithmic changes. What worked a few years ago, such as keyword stuffing (repeatedly placing your keyword in the text or using the same words repeatedly for backlink anchor text), can get your website penalized and potentially de-indexed from Google and other search engines now.

We are very careful about how we perform our back linking campaigns and make sure that all the links that we build are of the highest quality from the very best sources that relate to your business.

Some of the forms of backlinks that we acquire for your site come from high authority niche blogs, press releases, citations from business directories and much more.

Adwords management for small business


We build, design and launch all of your pay per click campaigns as well as optimize them to help keep your click costs as low as possible, while maintaining maximum exposure.

We start with market research in your niche and look at Google trends as well as making extensive keyword analysis. We then compile a list of keywords to review with you.

We then analyze your competition and review your existing landing pages in order to ensure we can obtain high ad quality scores.

Then we move on to create campaign strategies that focus on maximizing your ad budget, increasing visits and improving conversions.

Adwords requires constant monitoring. We keep a close eye on your campaigns, making ongoing adjustments to ensure that you are getting the most from your pay per click marketing dollars.

Have You Attempted SEO And SEM On Your Own Before, Or Hired A Sub-par Company With Little To No Results?

Local SEO and SEM should be left to the experts

You may have attempted to do some website optimization or link building for yourself. SEO and SEM techniques and what it takes to get a website and other properties highly visible to the public is constantly changing, as well as time consuming, which makes it hard for someone to do on their own.

In fact, just keeping up with how fast SEO changes is a full time job! We stay on top of the latest changes and updates to make sure you are ranking now as well as looking to the future for maintaining good results, which sets us apart from other Atlanta SEO agencies.

On the other hand, you may have hired a company to handle your online assets and haven’t had a good, or any ROI. Unfortunately a lot of small businesses and companies have had bad experiences from other so called “SEO companies”.

We take great pride in our work and go above and beyond to not only protect your digital assets, but also in getting our clients results!

Are You Ready To Start Growing Your Business And Increasing Your Bottom Line?

Start growing your company with our local seo and sem services

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level with our SEO specialists and start dominating the local searches for keywords and terms people are using to find your business services

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