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Choosing Keywords With Commercial Intent

Picking the right keywords to target for your SEO campaigns is crucial to get the best ROI. Pick the wrong ones and your site may rank, but you won’t make any sales, or do whatever you want the visitor to do when they visit your site.

Simply picking keywords and phrases that have high search volume may not be the best course of action. Again, you may get a lot of visitors, but still not make any sales because you are not ranked for phrases that have “Commercial intent” or “buyer intent”.

Keyword research is something that you can’t rush. You need to carefully select the words that you want to rank for. If you add up all of the hours that my team and I spend doing keyword research for a campaign, it literally adds up to days between all of us.

Instead of writing out a full post today, we though we would make this one a video, just to change things up a bit. Hopefully you don’t mind to much having to look at the CEO of the companies face to much 🙂 (I’m sure he will give me static for that when he reads this).

Before you watch the video, let me remind you that if you do need an SEO company to take care of all of this for you, be sure and check us out to get you ranked in the search engines and get your phone ringing with new customers and clients!


Choosing Keywords With Buyer Intent

Choosing Keywords With Buyer Or Commercial Intent

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Choosing the proper keywords for your SEO campaigns is extremely important. You want to choose the keyword phrases that h…



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