Grow Your RE Business In Atlanta With Internet Marketing

Grow Your RE Business In Atlanta With Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing For Real Estate Professionals


Are you able to be found easily on the internet when a customer searches for Your Services?

If not-

You Are Missing Potential Clients And Losing Them To Your Competition – As Well As Losing Money!


We are an internet marketing firm specializing in dominating the search results of all the Major Search Engines AND Social Media. Our company was founded to help today’s RE Businesses in today’s ever changing online internet marketing world.

We are unique in the fact that we are EXPERTS in providing Digital Marketing services for today’s RE Professional.

How can we make the claim that we are Experts?

Our company was started by RE Investors that brought their Digital Marketing and SEO in house for their own investment business to get to the top of the search engines and social media, and did just that! Now we have opened up with our knowledge to help you get the same fantastic results for your business as well.

Internet marketing for real estate business'

If You Are A Realtor, Investor, Hard Money Lender, Mortgage Lender, Appraiser, Home Stager, Or Any Other RE Profession, We Can help You Increase Your Amount Of Leads And Closed Deals


Get New Customers From All Over The Web
Not Only From Your Website – But Social Media Sites As Well!

Hopefully you already have a site and are receiving leads from it. If you don’t have a website, check out our Web Design Services. We can build you a fully functional, mobile friendly website that is properly optimized from the start for proper real estate seo, making it easier to get it ranked in the search engines.

In today’s internet marketing world it’s more than just your website and it is also possible to dominate the searches with multiple web properties, such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other >social media sites. By having all of these other social media properties, you are extending your reach to your potential audience as well as BUILDING YOUR BRAND

Your business should definitely be taking advantage of video marketing. If you aren’t, you are missing a huge audience that is looking for your services. Video is extremely engaging and continually growing in popularity, with some studies suggesting that by 2020 between 70% and 80% of all web traffic will be through video. Now is the time to get a head start on your competition and start dominating YouTube and other Video sharing sites for the future.

Then there are Web 2.0 properties. Depending on your RE profession will depend on which web 2.0 (Blogger,, Tumblr etc.) and social meida properties will work best for you and your company. With all of these available social media and web 2.o properties means multiple streams of marketing to reach your target audience!

In addition, if all of these properties are set up correctly you can have them appear in the search engines as well! This way when a potential client or customer does a search for your keyword, your other web 2.0 and social properties show up making you look like you are the “go to” person in your geographic location and profession!

New clients for all real estate related Atlanta businesses

We know how important and vital it is to have fresh leads on a continual and daily basis –

The internet has become the most valuable place to find new prospects and potential clients with the ability to be in front of millions of prospects with the simple click of a mouse.

One of the biggest advantages of using the internet for your RE business is that you are getting in front of your client at the exact right time. If they are looking to sell a house, buy a house, need a home inspection, mortgage etc., they turn to the internet and do a search and – BAM – there is your business.

With the old ways of marketing for new clients, like mailers, you have to hope that you are in their mailbox at the exact right time they need your services.

All the way back in 2013 the NAR and Google did a joint study about Real Estate related search terms and found they were up 253% in the past 4 years.

On top of that, according to a report done by Search Engine Watch, people are not only looking for businesses and services online, but they are also looking at the business reviews that come from Google, FaceBook, Yelp and other sources. Controlling this is what is known as “Reputation Management”.

This all leads to one obvious conclusion – your buisness can’t afford NOT to be found on the internet, whether it be through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, or Social sites such as Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and countless others. Internet Marketing is a must for you and your business in order for it to not only survive, but to also thrive!

So if you are ready to take your business to the next levelcontact us now to start dominating the local searches for your business and services. Otherwise your competition will, and take YOUR customers!

Real Estate Business revenue growth through digital marketing in Atlanta

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