Atlanta's Best Reputation Marketing Firm For Protecting Your Brand

Atlanta’s Best Reputation Marketing Firm For Protecting Your Brand

Take Control Of Your Company’s Online Reputation

In any business, large or small, reputation is everything.

This is especially true in today’s world where information travels at the speed of light across search engines and social media.

What kind of reviews are available on the web about your company? Are they positive? Negative?

When is the last time you even looked at what was posted about your company on FaceBook, Yelp, Google,, or the countless other social media sites and directories?


Are there reviews on the web found in Google, FaceBook or Yelp that are not showing your business in the best light possible?

Having A Positive Online Presence Is Vital For Any Business To Succeed!

Your Online Reviews Are Critical In Acquiring New Customers And Clients

Having a positive online presence is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes with the increasing number of websites to leave reviews on.

Online Reviews play a critical role in a customer’s decision making process. Search Engine Land did a study back in 2013 that showed 80% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation!

Studies also show that 80% of people will not visit or contact a business after reading a negative review. If the reviews that your potential customer finds online about your company are negative, chances are you just lost a customer.

We know that you work hard on your business. We understand it can be extremely frustrating when negative comments are posted about your company on the web.

Sometimes your great customer service and professionalism just aren’t enough to satisfy some customers. If you service a lot of customers, it is just simple statistics that sooner or later you will have an unsatisfied one. These unsatisfied consumers tend to be more vocal and are willing to spend a few minutes of their time ranting about their bad experience with a bad review over a customer who was extremely pleased with your services to leave a good comment.

All it takes is just a simple misunderstanding leading to a bad review, or even sometimes a disgruntled employee or an unscrupulous competitor. Now that bad review can turn away multitudes of potential customers or clients who looked up your company on the web and went elsewhere because of a negative review.

The Equation Is Simple

Better Reputation = More Customers = More Sales

Online reviews and how they can help your business to succeed

Reputation management all too often becomes something companies and businesses think about after they start seeing bad reviews show up online and sales start slumping.

Now the damage is done and it might take some time to get your online reputation back on track.

What you as a business owner needs to understand about keeping a good reputation and a strong brand online is that it’s not only about pride, but it is an effective way to make your business more profitable.

We like to take the approach of Reputation Marketing over Reputation Management. We take a proactive approach to the reviews about your company that are found across the web. Why wait until there is already a problem?

We team up with our clients and implement tailored strategies to harness the power of online reviews. We don’t post or write fake reviews, but have integrated reputation marketing strategies to solicit feedback from your existing satisfied customers to help drive new and repeat business.

Custom Online Reputation Marketing Evaluation

Individual company analyzing of online reputation

The very first step we take is to scan the web to analyze what reviews you already have, or are lacking. We look at and evaluate the sites they are on and how they are damaging your online reputation.

We then make a customized plan for your company, addressing the sites with the highest visibility as a priority. If your company doesn’t have any reviews on the most visible sites (like Yelp and, we work with you to correct that. Every business is different and will need a customized reputation marketing approach. We don’t have cookie-cutter plans or pricing.

It isn’t always possible to remove a bad review, especially on the bigger sites. In this case we take the approach of diluting the bad reviews with good reviews from your past customers. Collecting and encouraging customer reviews is extremely important when building your company’s credibility.

Another strategy that we practice is to push bad reviews back to page 2 and even page 3 of the searches to where a potential client more than likely will not see them. We accomplish this by building or boosting existing branded properties higher in the searches when someone searches for your brand or company name.

It is important to note that these strategies DON”T work overnightwhich is why we are adamant about being proactive when it comes to protecting and grooming your companies online reputation before it becomes a problem.

Online Reputation Marketing is a cornerstone strategy and integrated in for our Digital Marketing clients. We understand the importance of making sure good reviews are submitted across all of your external profiles to help build a strong network of credibility.

While You Can’t Be Everywhere A Potential Customer Is All At Once, You Can Make Sure The Information That Appears Highest In Searches And Social Media Represents You In The Best Light Possible

Consumers online are smart. If they see a business with nearly 100 reviews and 2 of them are bad, they will take those 2 negative comments with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, if your company has just 5 reviews and 2 of them are bad, they are going to think twice about doing business with you.

Take control of your Company’s online presence! We help you monitor and control your digital presence. Our firm can help you get your business reputation back and/or established.

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Reptuation Management consists of Monitoring, promoting and suppressing online reviews

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