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2 Easy Ways To Help Improve Brand Reputation

2 Cost Effective Ways To Establish Or Improve Your Brand Reputation


Your company’s brand reputation is extremely important to it’s success. In our last article we covered what Brand Reputation is. Here is something to think about – the lack of having any comments or reviews about your services or products can be just as detrimental as having bad reviews. In this short article we will give you 2 easy ways to start building a good reputation for your brand online.

2 Easy Ways To Help Improve Brand Reputation

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Probably the easiest way to start building or improving your Brand is with one of the most over looked marketing strategies by small business owners. If you have a website you should most definitely be utilizing the power of the blog, writing articles for your potential customers and prospects to read. You can be your own sounding bullhorn for your services and/or products.

Best part of blogging is that it’s almost free. The only thing it will cost you, or someone on your team, is time. (Nobody has enough time in the day!)

ReputationDefenderBlog.com recently wrote a post that covers a few more good reasons that you should be using blog content:

Here are 6 ways a blog can help your company:

  • Be Your Customers’ Best Resource – Some people visiting your website know exactly what they want and are prepared to purchase right away. Others have questions. Maybe they already bought the product and want to know more about it. Maybe they have a future purchase in mind and want to educate themselves before they make a decision. If customers know they can find answers on your blog, it will keep them coming back to your site.
  • Boost Rankings – More people visiting your site will generate more traffic and this will improve your rankings with Google and other search engines. Getting your website at the top of the search result page for your brand is the goal of any ORM campaign and blogging will help accomplish this.
  • Increase Revenue – Every time someone clicks on your website is another chance to gain a new customer. New customers who keep coming back to read your blog are likely to turn into long term clients. This all adds up to a sustained increase in profits.

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Good advice from them, especially their point of creating sharable content. It’s a great idea to take your content and share it across as many Social Media platforms that your company has. Don’t forget, Google isn’t the only place you can reach your target audience.

So how do you go about setting up a blog? If you are using WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), it’s super easy. Right inside the admin panel you can ad posts. A lot of other CMS platforms have this feature as well.

But what if you have an HTML site or something else that it’s not so easy to make posts on? Our suggestion is go ahead and set up either a free or paid WordPress.com site, or a BlogSpot site that you can get free as well with Google. With either of these options you can link back to your main website inside the posts, or direct them where to go or whatever call to action you want.


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Yup, video. If you have read any of our posts about video, you know how much we love video marketing. It’s our go to source for content marketing and engaging people not only on the web, but also on your site. (Ya, we know, there are no videos on our new updated site, but trust us – THEY ARE COMING!)

There are two great different ways of using video that we like, and have been using for awhile, to help in brand management. The first video you can make is what is known as an “Explainer” video, that does just that – explain your services or products. The second type of video we have been using is “testimonial videos”. These can be a little more difficult to produce, but if you have really good persuasive powers, you can talk a past client into being in a video for you.

SmartInsights.com actually wrote about this, and we weren’t surprised at all when they recommended these 2 methods in their post. Here’s a snippet from their article where they wrote about another type:

Company Story Videos

Telling your brand’s story will help you create a strong connection with your viewers.

Behind every great brand there’s a great story, and your prospects want to know it. They want to know and understand your values as a company, and showing this with video is the best way to do it.

The trick here is to be authentic. Your customers won’t believe staged scenarios, or conversations that look scripted; and it’s incredibly important that you don’t tell made-up stories! Because your customers will find out, and it will shatter your credibility.

So, authenticity is the key. Share that unique, inspiring story of your brand, and show your prospects that you and your team share their values.

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We totally agree with the writer that you must be authentic when creating this type  of video. We would add that one of the biggest problems we see when companies create this type of video is over promoting, or bragging. If you start going on and on about how great your company is, or how many awards it has won is a problem. Most customers really don’t care about that and will quickly click off your video. What new customers want to know is how you have helped someone in the past, and how you can help them!

Summing It Up

There you have it. Whether or not there is nothing on the web about your Brand, or if you Brand is a little tarnished, you can start making it sparkle with these 2, relatively inexpensive ways to managing and promoting your Brand.

And as always, contact us at https://www.mdimsolutions.com/reputation-management for Brand Management services that your company needs 🙂

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