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Making Your First Videos

Happy Friday, and welcome to another installment of where we teach you how to do some things on your own for your business!

In today’s post we are going to go over creating your first videos for your business. So we stopped and thought, what better way to do this than with Video itself!

Many people don’t know where to start. But if you take a minute and plan things out it will go much easier, and be more enjoyable.

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Mike Tringe does a really good job of explaining this:

One thing that Mike said that we totally agree with is – EVERYONE CAN DO THIS!

Next you really need to think about the content. What are you going to say?

First, you need to consider who you are targeting for your video.

Here is another great video that will get you through that and help you plan your content, you can jump to 3:20 in the video to where she starts explaining:

Then lastly – another video on what type of videos to create for your business and more how to from James Wedmore. We really like his content and suggest you subscribe to his channel if you are serious about making your own videos for your business.

In fact you can actually learn alot about the making of videos just by watching this video. Notice how he jumps around the screen from one segment to another. This is done in editing, more than likely because he was either making mistakes or just wanted to edit some things out. By jumping around the screen and zooming in and out he is able to cover up mistakes and create a nice video:

There you go – some great tips to creating your first videos for your business.

So you may be asking why don’t we have more videos on our site??!! Good question!

As of today – 3.11.16, this site is still very, very, new. In fact we have only been marketing it since the first part of February, making it about 6 weeks.

In the coming weeks you will see a video on every page of our site and a lot more on the web. In fact we are working on something that you will probably find pretty cool and we will share our results with you when we are done. So stay tuned!

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