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Just How Many Websites Are WordPress And Why?

WordPress websites. They are all over the internet. In fact there are almost 75 MILLION of them! That number now equals out to a whopping 26% OF ALL SITES ON THE WEB. So why is that? Why would so many people depend on WordPress for their CMS (Content Management System)? That’s what we will cover in this post, and why we love the platform so much 🙂

First of all, if you don’t believe us that there are so many sites running on WordPress, go ahead and Google it! There really are some incredible statistics that you will find about the platform.

WordPress Logo

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Web Design With WordPress

We think that WordPress is the easiest to use and to fully customize for your own needs. There are so many Themes out there to make the site one of a kind. It is reliable and for the most part, secure, as long as you keep your site updated! Learn more about WordPress Security in a previous post here. There are also tons of free forums that you can find to ask questions, or get help from if you run into problems if you are going it alone.

Of all those 75 million websites, they aren’t just stay at home moms or dads that are blogging about their day at home, or how to cook some awesome meal on the cheap. In fact this one statistic we found pretty wild from Tom Ewer on ManageWP.com:

14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

WordPress Is Most Popular With Business Websites

Of the top 1,000,000 sites in the world, the number of business sites (most popular with WordPress) powered by WordPress is five times the number of WordPress-managed news sites (least popular with WordPress).

This statistic is not all that surprising, as online marketing circles will often discuss WordPress more than any other CMS out there. WordPress also ranks high as one of the most blogged topics in the online marketing niche and nearly all its keywords have very high PPC competition.

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More businesses prefer WordPress. And from Tom’s snippet above, if you don’t know what PPC is, it stands for “Pay Per Click” for Adwords. We found that there are some MAJOR Fortune 500 companies that run their site on WordPress like UPS, EBay, Sony and Best Buy to name a few. So if you think WordPress won’t work for your business, think again!

Ease Of Editing By Clients

We also like running WordPress not only for our own personal sites, but for our clients as well. Why? Because our customers find it very easy to go in and make changes when they need too. It is very easy to log in and change a page or a post. This may need to be done if your business has added or removed some services, or changed prices, etc.

We understand that many of you may have never used WordPress  before and don’t know the difference between a page and a post. A page is usually just that. A page on your website about your services, your about information, contact information, disclaimers for using the website, etc. They don’t usually get a lot of changes made to them.

On the other hand posts – are exactly what this is. A short bit or snippet of information that can be used to help inform or educate your customers.

Bob Dunn just made a post over the weekend on BobWP.com that explains a little more about how to make a post or page on a WordPress blog as well as showing some of the visual editor and other working parts of a WordPress Blog:

How To Create Posts and Pages in WordPress

Post or Page Title

This is the title of your post or page. How it looks on your site will be dependent of your theme’s styles. It also plays an important role in SEO (search engine optimization).

You will see that you can also edit your permalink. If you choose to do this, only do it before you published your post or page. If you change this after publication, all inbound links to this specific post or page will be broken and a 404 error page will come up for the reader.
Editor Window

This is where you do your writing and formatting of posts and pages. You can create them here or paste them in.

You will find two tabs on this window: Visual and Text

Visual Editor

This is the view most people use. In fact, it’s very close to many popular word processing programs. It is also sometimes called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). But that isn’t true with WordPress. As you will learn, font colors, styles and sizes here will typically look a lot different on your website.

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That is a really good post by Bob and does a great job of showing you and explaining to you the basics of the back end of a WordPress website. In fact the title of the post is a little misleading as he gives you so much more valuable information. Adding images and making the most of your pages and posts.

WordPress And SEO


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Lastly, we really like WordPress for the ease of performing SEO on the sites, or what’s also known as “On Page Optimization”. There are several plugins such as All In One SEO and Yoast that make things much easier. The first is probably more popular while the latter is more robust and also creates a sitemap for your website as well. A sitemap is just that, a map of your site for the search engines to crawl.

Google also loves WordPress. Why? Well Google really likes logical architecture on a website and WordPress is designed logically. Google also loves text based websites, which is easy to do with WordPress. Google is also trying to make the web better for all of the mobile phones and tablets searching the web and WordPress can also be made to be “Mobile Friendly” much easier than other platforms, which will give you a boost in mobile rankings.

While WordPress is very SEO friendly, it’s not an end all, be all for your SEO needs for your website, but it’s a good start.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. WordPress is the preferred CMS on a boat load of Websites for good reasons. If you didn’t think that it would, or will work for your business, then you need to rethink that. Just look at the examples of the big companies that are using it to run their businesses online.

If you don’t already have a website for your business, or need to update your existing site, be sure and check out our web design services.